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January's Good Read

Jan 4, 2011

One Year to an Organized Work Life

By Regina Leeds

Several years ago, I was recognized as having the “messiest office in the building” by coworkers and the cleaning crew. The cleaning crew told me one night, they try to clean around all my clutter, but it’s even hard to vacuum with my floor covered!

After bringing in someone to help organize my office, I knew I would have to step up and keep the chaos under control. I am not dirty or messy, but I like to leave EVERYTHING out so I can see it and in turn I will not forget about it. I have around 10 lists going at all times on scraps of paper on my desk and sometimes it is just very overwhelming.

I received One Year to an Organized Work Life as a gift. The thing I like about it is that the book is broken up into months and weeks. Every week you have a different “task” to accomplish streamlining with the overall theme of that month. The beginning of the year you go through the “starting fresh” steps of throwing things away, giving away office supplies you don’t need, etc. By the fourth month you are “breaking your worst time-wasting habits” and it sets me up to continue to organize, throw away and clean. Continuing to remind me that everything has a home and it needs to go home before I do at the end of the day!

The book moves from organizing folders, to consolidate your virtual word, streamlining your calendars and even making it an ease to travel for work. By December I am learning how to not just balance the organization of my office, but also balancing holiday parties, time off and much more!

Table of Contents:

January- Start fresh
February- Make the most of your office space
March- Stop paper pileups
April- Break your worst time-wasting habits
May- Set priorities
June- Dealing with people
July- Take a vacation!
August- Organize your visual world
September- Fine-tune for fall
October- Ease business travel
November- Move forward
December- Balance your work and life

Submitted by: Blakely Jenkins