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Angelfood Ministries Project is gsSCENE Success

Jan 26, 2009

On January 24, over 25 gsSCENE members took their Saturday to help out the local Angelfood Ministries. Angelfood Ministries, a non-profit, non-denominational organization, began in 1994 as a small outreach ministry serving a rural community in Georgia.
The goal was to help neighbors who needed a hand up in a tough economictime. Today, Angel Food Ministries can be found in over 3,200 communities in 34 states and helps feed over 500,000 families a month.

gsSCENE members unloaded trucks, boxed food and distributed the food throughout the day. Thank you to the following gsSCENE members who took time to volunteer for this worthy cause; Shannon Camp, Mark Howell, Nicole Aiello, Ryan Hannon, Julie Kopnicky, Kevin Cox, Jeff Marshall, Pryor Tatum, Erin Callihan, Justin Tucker, Samantha Slapnik, Erika Warneck, Kevin Boyce, Scott Ham, Yvonne Koerner, Heather Gale, Tammy Ramsey, David Thomas, Kathleen King . Additional Volunteers: Julie Davenport, Kiel Chapman, Bernie Gridley, Trey & Danielle Kelly, TJ & Beth Goff .