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gsLEAD launches to cultivate members for non-profit leadership

Jun 8, 2010

gsSCENE continually hears from members that they really want to become engaged in the community and find a nonprofit organization they feel passionate about to support. gsSCENE also hears from local non-profits who say they are looking for young, energetic professionals to step up and serve on their boards and committees. Working to meet the needs of both sectors, gsSCENE, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Waccamaw Community Foundation and The Chapin Foundation are proud to announce the launch of a new program called gsLEAD.

gsLEAD is a six month leadership development program for young professionals that are members of gsSCENE. gsLEAD was created to advance future leaders through personal development, training and mentorship, thus giving them the tools to serve as the next generation of leaders. With completion of this certificate program, gsLEAD graduates will have the knowledge and skills to serve on various non-profit boards, committees and councils along the Grand Strand. The program will kick off in September 2010 and is open to only 16 gsSCENE members. It will consist of 25 hours of classroom training and board observance.

The goal of gsSCENE is to provide participants with workshops, resources and tools to be viable candidates for leadership positions in the Grand Strand community. The following core course topics will be covered in each session: • Board Governance • Financial Management • Communication within a Board • Marketing and Public Relations of a Board Member • Leadership • Selecting Your Board

Applications can be found online at www.gsSCENE.com. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Shannon Camp at 843-294-6194.

Blakely Jenkins