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And the survey says...

Apr 12, 2010

For the first time, gsSCENE members were asked what they think about gsSCENE in a survey sent out at the end of February. The gsSCENE Steering Committee decided that a survey was necessary in order to ensure that their goals and vision aligned with the wants of its membership. According to Shannon Camp, Chair of the committee, their desire is “to meet the majority of wants and needs from our young professional members along the Grand Strand.” It is their hope that the survey will help them do so.

The survey was less than 20 questions long, and therefore not too taxing on members’ time, while at the same time touching on a wide range of topics. There were questions about the gsSCENE membership discount card, the types of events members would like to see more of, and the preferred time of day and geographic location for events, and more.

Over 100 members took the time to respond to the survey – and one member even won a $50 AMEX gift card in a drawing of all respondents. Gary Henderson, a Steering Committee member, was pleased with the response and noted that “a 25% response rate is phenomenal for this type of survey”. He is also happy with the overall positive feedback – 86% of members are satisfied (or very satisfied) with gsSCENE overall and almost 80% are very likely (or extremely likely) to recommend gsSCENE to others – because “that tells us that we are doing a lot of things right.”

One decision that has been made by the Steering Committee as a direct result of the survey is to initiate more community service projects. Over 30% of members indicated that this was one of the reasons they joined gsSCENE and almost 60% want to see more of these events. The Steering Committee has also decided to continue with the membership discount card as well as the recently launched Ambassador program. Since more than half of new members joined without knowing anyone, or at most knowing only one person, Blakely Jenkins, a Steering Committee member, feels that a continuation of the ambassador program will “make it easier for the new members to meet others and feel comfortable coming to all the events.”

A survey is planned for every year. Members are also encouraged to join one of our five committees.

- G.Velasco