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Renewal Time

Apr 7, 2010

As of April, gsSCENE is moving to an annual billing cycle where all gsSCENE dues are due May 1. This means if you joined this past March, your dues were more expensive because they were prorated and if you joined in November of last year, they were cheaper. But all member dues are now $60 and all member invoices will be arriving to you in the mail.

Why are my dues a different price?
If you paid your full renewal anytime other than May of 2009, your dues are prorated at a cheaper rate, since you paid for a full year starting the month you joined.
How long do my dues last?
No matter what prorated price you are paying, everyone’s dues are carrying them through April 2011. So note, even if you paid your dues only a few months ago, your amount will be prorated for less AND this renewal will cover you until April 2011.
For more information please contact Blakely Jenkins at 843-916-7232 or Blakely.Jenkins@VisitMyrtleBeach.com