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gsSCENE learns about "Netiquette"

Feb 4, 2010

Netiquette: A review

Eileen Soisson and gsSCENE members met recently to discuss the issue of online etiquette, an issue also known as Netiquette.
Eileen began by simply asking audience members to share some personal pet peeves that they had come across in the virtual workplace.
After a few examples, it became clear there was a niche for their coworkers to receive the same message.
So, Eileen focused the lecture to enlighten the group on how to manage online behavior, suggestions on how to correct lack of netiquette, and simply lead by example in the marketplace.
A few rules to follow include:
1. If a text message takes more than one screen- it is too long.
2. Do not “flame” or spam people with jokes or chains.
3. Do not respond hastily- be sure to reply in a professional manner.
4. EVERYTHING is public knowledge. Only post things you would not be embarrassed for your mother, pastor, or employer to see.
5. Respect. Responsibility. Results.
Advances in technology have allowed the business world to accomplish more tasks in a timely manner, enabled messages to be automatically sent across the world, technology has forced the business world to evolve.
But mostly, it has allowed young professionals to have an advantage that the prior generation did not have. Do not squash the advantage by misuse and offensive behavior.