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gsSCENE Spotlight featuring: Madeleine Condron, Co-Chair

Feb 18, 2014

Meet Mrs. Madeleine Condron, Territory Manager for American Hotel Register. Madeleine is a huge asset to our community and gsSCENE. She serves as our Co-Chair for the Steering Committee and sets a positive example for our members. Find out more about her here…

What is your favorite lunch spot?
Mrs. Fish, not to be confused with Mr. Fish.

What do you consider to be the best part of your job?
The flexibility of my schedule.

What is something that few people know about you?
I’m actually very shy.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Myrtle Beach Area?
The mixture of cultures. Myrtle Beach really is a melting pot. I love learning more about the people who move here, what they bring to the area and what they get out of it.

If you could have any super power what would it be, and what would you use it for?
At the risk of revealing how big of a nerd I really am, to be able to clone myself like Mr. Manhattan, so I could be that much more productive.

If you could have any celebrity live next door to you who would it be and why?
Peyton Manning, because I look up to him. I’d like to start this off by saying I’m not a Broncos fan, I’m a Peyton Manning fan. I greatly respect that he not only came back physically from a horrible accident, but he also strives to live up to the celebrity position he has in a positive way. I commend him for being a good role model and his push to give back to the community. I bet we would also get a lot of Papa Johns, my favorite pizza chain.

What are your top 3 things to do or see in Myrtle Beach?
Go to the beach, play putt putt at night, and eat good seafood!

If you played hooky for a day, where would we find you?
The beach.

When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you tell them?
Solve problems.

What do you think the best invention is in the past 50 years?

If you were stuck on an island, what 3 items would you have with you?
A knife, a hammock and a guitar.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
Rachel McAdams

If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
What G.R.I.T.S. Are Made Of.

Thank you Madeleine for participating in our Q&A session and thanks for all you do for gsSCENE!