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SCENE & Heard: Special Olympics

Apr 8, 2013

Stories abounded on this day, as the sun finally made its way out and the temperatures climbed. There were tear jerkers, silly stories, and humorous ones as well. Shannon Furtick was one of 18 volunteers from GS Scene and related the story of “one little girl who actually threw the ball so far that it hit someone. But, she was so excited because this was three years in row that she’s hit someone. It’s become her goal, to throw it so far that she hits someone.” Furtick was quick to mention how proud the little girl was, and happy to be participating. “We had so many people come by and tell us how great the event was, but Special Olympics is always great. It’s always a warm feeling to be able to help with the kids and adults in our area.”

It was a day of warm feelings indeed. With so many hugs, ribbons, smiles, laughs, and cheers, the Special Olympics once again lived up to expectations and sent nearly 1500 people home with a day to remember forever, or at least until next year.

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