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gsSCENE Dues Change

Dec 7, 2009

Beginning in May 2010, gsSCENE will invoice all membership dues in May. What does this mean for new and existing members of gsSCENE?

Well for one, no more worrying when your dues are due and if you are paid up. You won’t be stopped at the door of an event to let you know that in 2 days your membership will be expired. Every member’s dues will be invoiced and paid in May.

What if you joined gsSCENE in another month than May?
Beginning this December, invoices will begin going out prorated for the remainder of the year December-April 2010.
Then in May that member will receive a full invoice for $60 that will carry their membership until May 2011.

Did you just think, “Wait a minute, I thought gsSCENE dues were only $50?” Yes, you are correct; the dues are increasing to $60.

But technically, they aren’t. See now all of our socials only cost $5 to attend instead of $10 if you register in advance.

Last year each member was paying $50 for your dues and another $10 for each of our 6 socials a year at $110. Now you pay $60 for your membership and $5 for each of the 6 socials at $90 a year.

As confusing as it may sound, gsSCENE believes by changing to an annual billing for memberships, it is saving you time, money and allows you to know exactly how long your great benefits from gsSCENE last.