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Marketing SCENE: "Six Takeaways From a TEDx Event: Experiential Marketing Done Right"

Mar 29, 2012

by Magdalena Georgieva
March 14, 2012

Those of us who spend any significant amount of time watching online video are likely smitten with the inspirational TED talks. But what do we know about the local TEDx events? I am glad to report that they are equally enchanting and offer great lessons in experiential marketing.

If I had to use one word to describe the TEDxSomerville event I attended in early March, it would be “purposeful.”
Everything there was intentional—from the event logo, stage design, and curated art to the bands playing, sponsors, and the organic soy milk offered along with the coffee and tea. Those elements came together to build a holistic experience that helped attendees truly connect with the content and people around us.

Such sense of purpose is what transforms an OK event into a fantastic performance. It conveys a strong message that lingers even after one leaves the event. Here, I will point out six elements of the TEDxSomerville (TEDxVille) event and present how they came together to build a memorable experience.

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