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gsSCENE Ambassadors

Nov 11, 2009

So you signed up for gsSCENE, paid your membership dues and started to update your member profile, but now what?
You may be wondering how else you can get involved. What if I don’t know anyone? What does the “SCENE” in gsSCENE even stand for?
gsSCENE realizes that it’s not always easy to network in large crowds and it can be uncomfortable joining a group where you know no one.
With this in mind, we have created a unique program to ease our members into learning about the group they joined and networking with the members.
Kicking off in just a few months, the membership committee of gsSCENE will roll out the gsSCENE Ambassadors. The membership committee is heading up these new programs and this is how they work.
All members of this committee will be given the name and contact info of a new member that joined in the past month.
For the next month, the gsSCENE ambassador member initiates contact with the new member, invites them to gsSCENE functions and gives the new member a familiar face when they arrive at events.
The membership committee members like to think of themselves as the “Welcome Wagons” for gsSCENE.
But that’s not all. Once you join gsSCENE you will be invited to attend a new member orientation.
At this event, you can meet with other new members and steering committee members. You can learn about all the ways to get involved in our organization from committee participation to becoming an ambassador yourself!
Questions will be answered and feedback will be encouraged. Look for more details on both programs in the upcoming months at www.gsSCENE.com.