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Good Read: "The Lucky One"

Feb 28, 2012

“The Lucky One”
by Nicholas Sparks

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends loaned me a book called “The Lucky One” and I thought, mehh, another Nicholas Sparks sappy love story. But, she promised it was well worth the read so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, let me say, I was not disappointed! It was a great story. It follows the tumultuous journey of a marine who seeks a woman out in an unusual way and for a unique reason. It delivers love, suspense, drama, mystery, friendship, faith, hope…all the staples of a great page-turning book. You can apply many of the lessons, events and hopefulness of the book to your life too. I highly recommend it PLUS the movie comes out in April starring Zac Ephron!

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-Sara Weaver (Nexsen Pruet)