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Steer Your Career: "7 Steps to Incredible Personal Productivity"

Feb 2, 2012

By Jeff Haden | @jeff_haden | Inc.com

Occasionally you need to go the extra mile. Sometimes you need to complete a major project, tackle a task you’ve put off, or just knock out a ton of work in one day.

Here’s the best way to turn a normal workday into an incredibly productive workday:

1. Let Everyone Know – Interruptions destroy focus and kill productivity.

2. Set a Target – Commit to working for as long as you estimate it will take.

3. Start unusually early or unusually late - Set the stage for an unusually productive day by dramatically changing your normal routine.

4. Delay gratification - Hold off on whatever things you use to brighten up your workday, at least for a while.

5. Refuel and recharge before you need to – When endurance athletes wait until they are thirsty to drink they’ve waited too long. The same premise applies at work.

6. Don’t take rest breaks take productivity breaks – Newton’s Law of Productivity states that a productive person in motion tends to stay in motion. Maintaining momentum is everything.

7. Don’t stop until it’s done – Stopping simply because you’re tired or bored is habit-forming.

Read more on the steps here from Inc.com.