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Marketing SCENE: "4 hints for getting people to Circle you on Google+"

Dec 1, 2011

By Ann Tracy Mueller
November 29, 2011

Are you going in circles trying to figure out Google+ — how to use it, who you should follow and more?

As people look through Google+ Suggestions to determine who to add to their Circles, there are four things that will probably grab their attention after your name and your photo. It’s important you put enough thought, information and creativity into these bits of information to help people determine whether you’re Circle-worthy.

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This is the text right below your name on your Profile and that people see when they mouse over a Suggestion.

If Google+ users looking at Suggestions don’t recognize your name or your photo, this is the one chance you’ve got to say, “Hey this is who I am,” and to help them make that decision to learn more about you.

The worst thing you can do is have nothing there.

People on Google+ use the tagline lots of ways, such as:

•To identify their employers. You’ll see this a lot with tech folks and media types, who work for companies like Google, YouTube, Mashable or The Huffington Post.
•To tell what they do—“Neurologist,” “Author,” “Health care blogger.”
•As sort of an “Essence of me,” such as “Journalist and optimist,” “Writer, yard woman, Spurs fan, parts hauler, cat slave, & housekeeper extraordinaire,” or “Husband, Daddy, Treasure Hunter, Runner, Legend (in my own mind).”
•To share their philosophies or rules for living, like these: “Either you run the day or the day runs you” or “Never stop exploring…”
•To profess their likes or dislikes. What communicator could keep from circling someone who says, “I like action verbs”?
•To list their city or state, or both.
•To provide their website addresses.

Who are you? What do you want people to know about you more than anything? What’s so important they can’t keep from wanting to click on your Suggestion to learn more or put you into a Circle right off the bat? That’s what should go in your tagline.

These next three things are on the About page, where you may also list your employment, education, places lived and more. Take time with these. They can say a lot more than you would suspect about who you are and will make people want to follow you or drive them away.

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