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June's Marketing SCENE

Jun 7, 2011

Email Subscriber Engagement Checklist: Six Tips to Keep Handy
by Ryan Deutsch
Published on June 1, 2011

Subscriber engagement refers to the level of engagement or interaction an email subscriber maintains with a brand’s email communications. The lack of subscriber engagement has become a critical topic for email marketers in recent years.

Engaged subscribers, generally defined as recipients who have opened, clicked on, or otherwise interacted with an email message in the previous 3-6 months, often make up only 30-40% of an email marketer’s database.
It is truly a sad state of affairs when marketers are immune to the fact that at least 60% of email recipients ignore communications.

To make matters worse, email is undergoing rapid change at the subscriber level:
• The inbox is morphing. Solutions like Gmail’s Priority Inbox and Xobni take control away from the email marketer and make it more difficult to guarantee meaningful placement in the inbox.
• The proliferation of daily-deal sites (e.g., Rue La La, Groupon) has raised consumer expectations around discounting and offer variety.
• Perhaps most important, Internet service providers are beginning to use engagement as a gauge to determine where emails appear in the consumer’s inbox—or whether they should be delivered at all. Confronting such a headwind, email marketers must understand how to maximize subscriber engagement.
Below is a short engagement strategy checklist to help elevate engagement in your email programs.

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