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June's Good Read & gsSCENE Success Story!

Jun 6, 2011

June’s Good Read…and gsSCENE Success Story!
In April, gsSCENE was invited to Atlantic Stage Theatre to experience their rendition of “Midnight & Magnolias.” Unbeknownst to me this play was based on the true story of how the screen play for the famous Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, was written. I soon realized that I was one of about what seemed like four people in the state that had never read Gone with the Wind. So after seeing the play, I decided to finally read the book.

For those who haven’t read Gone with the Wind, the book can come off as a little intimidating, with my paperback copy having 1024 pages. But once I started the book I could NOT put it down. A mere 13 days after starting the classic, I finished the book! The story of Scarlett O’Hare and Rhett Butler is much more than the famous line of “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Throughout the story I found myself fascinated at the stories and details regarding the Civil War and what the south was like in the 1860s. The book follows Scarlett through several years of her life starting when she was just 16 and ending a decade later. We see the heroine go through multiple husbands, having several children and defend her family and beloved plantation home, Tara. The author, Margaret Mitchell, writes in such detail that you actually feel like you are working side by side with Scarlett and Melanie in the hospital while they tend to wounded soldiers. If you think you have it rough, then this is a good story to read and understand how good we have it in today’s world.

So, I must actually give gsSCENE full credit to my finally reading Gone with the Wind. I always saw it as a really thick book that somebody my age probably couldn’t get into. But for anyone who likes to read, I suggest you put those assumptions aside and give it a try!

-Submitted by Blakely Jenkins