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gsSCENE and Career day at Myrtle Beach Intermediate School

May 10, 2011

In an effort to inform students about a variety of career options available to them, Myrtle Beach Intermediate School decided to host its 2nd annual Career Day. gsSCENE ambassador Kimberly Rougeux is a 4th grade teacher at the school. Like last year, she decided to invite a plethora of other members from a wide variety of professions to share with the students. Each of the 17 gsSCENE members brought pamphlets, pictures, posters, and/or artifacts from their job to decorate tables in the school gym. Several classrooms at a time, students were invited to the gym so they could ask the volunteers interview style questions about their profession.

The entire staff at Myrtle Beach Intermediate School was immensely impressed at how many gsSCENE members were willing to take time out of their busy day to come share with their students as well as the quality of items brought in to share. A huge thank you goes out to the gsSCENE members who participated: Anthony Bottaro, Whitney Comer, Julie Borshak (through Denny Watson), Blakely Jenkins, Samantha Slapnik, Garrett Miller, Casey Church, Ashley Smith, Kevin Cox, Natalie Martinez, Jarrett Hucks, Nora Mason, Stephen Williams, Eric Theisen, Matt Lentz, Michelle Ponsler, and Melanie McMurrain.

If you would be interested in sharing about your career with 4th and 5th grade students for next year’s Career Day, please contact Kimberly Rougeux at krougeux@horrycountyschools.net and she will add you to next year’s list!