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April’s Good Read

Apr 6, 2011

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable
By Patrick Lencioni

I recently read this book as a way to better understand group dynamics and collaboration in the workplace. Not only did I learn how to better react and respond to different “dysfunctions”, but also how to better understand why a group functions the way it does and how to recognize that and adjust it to create a more productive, solid, and positive functioning environment.

I love that the main character, or “boardroom hero” as I thought of her, was a woman. She enters into a new company as the head honcho and through various obstacles and hurdles, ultimately creates a more successful company by first forming a healthier and more cohesive team.

I think we can all relate to the various dysfunctions and believe that somehow they are all present in our own workplace, whether you realize it or not…and one of them may even be you.

Table of Contents:

-The Fable
-Part One: Underachievement
-Part Two: Lighting the Fire
-Part Three: Heavy Lifting
-Part Four: Traction

-The Model
-An Overview of the Model
-Team Assessment
-Understanding and Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions

The Model:
Dysfunction #1: Absence of Trust
Dysfuntion #2: Fear of Conflict
Dysfunction #3: Lack of Commitment
Dysfunction #4: Avoidance of Accountability
Dysfunction #5: Inattention to Results

Submitted by Sara Hardee