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March’s Good Read

Mar 4, 2011

A Man in Full
By Tom Wolfe

As the Grand Strand fights itself out of the shadow of the boom of the last decade, A Man in Full is sure to strike a chord with the gsSCENE demographic.

Has anyone been more affected, and in turn, learned more lessons in the last 5 years than the “young professional”?

The story follows the inner workings of a failing Atlanta real estate developer. His relationships with a panicking bank looking to recoup and influential politicians read like recent articles in the Sun News. You are sure to laugh your way through this cynical look at big business, bankers, Southern politics, race, greed, silicon and the “disintegration of Southern values”.

By the end I found insights into how we got here and how we can avoid repeating the cycle. Regardless of your occupation, you will identify with at least one of the characters that interact with the struggling developer.

Warning: this is not a motivational read. But if you are willing to identify the flaw of the character you identify with…chord struck.

Submitted by Wes Standish